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Zebra Metal Relief Wall Art

abstract zebra wall hanging | zebra metal wall art
This abstract zebra wall hanging is striking and luxurious, crafted from warm, opulent tones of metallic golds and copper.

The zebra's mane and iconic stripes are beautifully showcased against the darker, chocolate brown background of this abstract metal wall art.

Shown face-on, this 3D metal relief captures one of Africa's most famous beasts looking elegant and peaceful.

At 1.5m tall, this zebra wall hanging is a fitting tribute to an incredible animal and will create a highly eye-catching and warm focal point in rooms.

Dimensions (WDH) 150 x 75 x 7cm

We're often asked if our wall art can be used outside, it certainly makes a fantastic feature on fences and walls, and although it's primarily intended for indoor use, if you were to place it in the garden in the summer months we recommend giving it a regular wipe with WD40 to stop water from settling on it, preserving its good looks, or spray it with a clear matt lacquer for a more permanent solution.

Was: £225.00
Price: £209.00

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The abstract zebra wall hanging is part of our range of colourful collage decor that makes a stunning 3D wall feature in any room. If you like the look of the african themed art, you might also want to take a look at these other items...

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