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welded metal wall art

Welded Metal Wall Art

Artisanti is proud to introduce Tribeca Metal Artwork, a premium range of handcrafted wall decor that combines accents of raw metal with brush painted embellishments to create stunning abstract and contemporary metal art. Whether you're looking to create the look of a stylish urban loft or to fill a large wall with a tasteful yet exciting feature that will fascinate all that behold, our eclectic range offers something for all tastes; from conceptual to classic, fun to formal.


Nuts and Bolts Metal Wall Decor


Tribeca Metal Artwork is meticulously hand made, forging the skills of a metal worker with the flair of an artist to create finished pieces designed to convey the passion, sincerity, beauty or kitsch of its subject.


Metal Collage Art


With aged, rough edges and rust accents, the metal wall art pieces have a vintage, reclaimed industrial appeal, some incorporating nuts, bolts and springs as part of their art, and add interest and texture to any wall.

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Artisanti's range of welded metal wall art offers something for every style of home, with inspiring designs in nuts and bolts metal wall art, sheet metal collages and raw metal wall hangings that will add fascinating elegance to any room in the house.

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