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Modern Wall Decor

Add interest to a wall with our wide range of modern wall art, offering an array of designs and colours to suit your decor. We offer wall hangings for modern, rustic and classic themes.

Designer Mirrors


Our modern mirrors not only spread light and bring a feeling of space to a room, but their unusual designs also make them interesting wall art in their own right. From wood framed mirrors to shiny metal framed mirrors, the reflective elegance of our designs adds a sophisticated appeal to any living space.

Wall Sculpture

Or for a crisp, modern feel, take a look at our laser etched wall panels with their mesmerising hologram effect, where their look is ever-changing according to the lighting type and viewing angle.

wall art

From wire based pictorial scenes to abstract wall sculptures, our wall hangings will give an artistic focal point to any room

framed prints

Framed prints, retro photographs and canvas wall hangings exuding a sharp sense of style, be it classic or contemporary


Our mirrors not only spread light and create space, their stylish designs make them stunning wall decor in their own right

welded wall art

This unusual wall decor is made from painted sheet metal, welded together to depict modern and classic masterpieces

Artisanti's range of modern and unusual wall hangings offers something for every style of home, with inspiring ideas in designer mirrors, metal wall clocks and welded and polished wall art that will add interest and elegance to any room.

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