old fashioned kitchen scales

Vintage Kitchen Scales

Add some old fashioned charm to your kitchen with our

traditional kitchen scales

and loose weights. Our

vintage style kitchen scales

, made by the famous Weylux and Victor Scales companies and recognised worldwide as essential country kitchen chic, recreate the classic look of Victorian cast iron scales yet remain modern classics.

We offer

cast iron kitchen scales

in a variety of colours to complement your kitchen, with metric and imperial weights in both chrome and brass, in a variety of styles for a practical and appealing finishing touch. Perfect for everyday use, these weighing scales strike the perfect balance between being essential cooking or baking accessories and, being attractive kitchen worktop ornaments, with their mechanical good looks meaning you'll want to keep them on display.
Artisanti's range of traditional kitchen scales add a sense of practical charm to your kitchen, with old fashioned weighing scales, cast iron kitchen scales and loose kitchen scale weights that will decorate as much as serve.

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