vintage furniture

Vintage Furniture

There's a sophistication in our simple, brightly coloured retro range that will make it a talking point; from

vintage style tables

and cabinets, to our range of exposed wood and aged iron furniture, this retro look is right up to the minute.

In keeping with the trend for 70s kitsch,

nesting tables

are back - and we offer a range that combines bold styling with versatile practicality to add contrast to your living space.

Or get the warehouse look with our metal framed side tables, consoles and shelf units with a distinctly industrial feel. These

factory style furnishings

have a confident gravitas and provide a charming juxtaposition in modern interior design.
Artisanti's range of vintage furniture conveys a strong sense of style, with inspiring ideas in retro tables and chairs, 70s Style Furniture and industrial style furniture that will add interest and quirky charm to any room in the house.

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