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Strong Men Bookends in Bronze Finish

pushing man bookends | strongman bookends
These bronze man bookends capture movement and power to brilliant effect, almost tricking the eyes into believing the books are sliding!

Made from resin with an antique bronze finish, this pair of strongman bookends beautifully captures the contours of the masculine form, showing their agility and the strength of their muscles.

The aged finish of these pushing men bookends polish the look to give this pair plenty of character. Perfect for bringing a real sense of determination and movement to your home.

(Books not included)

Dimensions: H27cm W16cm D11cm

Price: £57.00

Item No BEB143-BB


The pushing men bookends are part of our range of modern sculptures and ornaments that make fabulous room accents. If you like the look of these nude male bookends, you might also want to take a look at these other items, similar in style to the strongman bookends you see here...

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