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Shelley Round Black Coal Buckets with Shovels - Set of 2

round coal buckets with shovels | black coal scuttles with scoops
These round coal buckets are the ideal companions for a traditional fireplace, with their squat shapes and little shovels.

Made from high quality steel, the black coal scuttles have strong, hinged handles at the top, a grab handle at the side and a side bar for storing the wood-handled shovels.

The round, scooped mouths make it easy to load and tip coal, while also giving them a classic blacksmith look and as a pair they are indispensable; why not use one for coal, one for ash.

The round shape gives the buckets a decorative look that will add a smart, utilitarian feel to your hearth.

Price: £127.00

Item No MC51-M


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The round coal buckets with shovels are part of our range of practical and decorative fireplace storage accessories to adorn your hearth. If you like the look of the black coal scuttles with scoops, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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