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Seaside Umbrellas Metal Wall Art - Large

umbrellas metal artwork | 3d metal art
Bright, beautiful and lots of fun, this large umbrellas at the seaside artwork sums up the commitment not to let rain stop play.

Raised, sculpted metalwork creates a textural, 3D seaside scene of six people seated on the edge of the boardwalk, mounted on a vintage-painted wood plank background.

Viewed from behind, their brightly coloured umbrellas create an attractive antidote to a rainy day while they appreciate a lovely sea view.

The red, green, blue, orange and yellow of the umbrellas create a joyful scene to brighten any seaside property, and at 1.5m across, it will bring a colourful warmth to a large wall space.

Dimensions: 150cm x 7cm x 50cm

Price: £187.00

Item No PG2084-HQ1


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The umbrellas metal artwork is part of our range of scenic wall decor that makes a fabulous feature in any room. If you like the look of the 3D metal art, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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