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Roly Poly Swaddled Tots Ornament

wrapped babies ornament | roly poly family
This clutch of 9 cute youngsters will melt your heart with their wide-eyed innocence, each swaddled in a pastel coloured blanket.

With the look of a nest of baby chicks looking up and waiting to be fed, the group of babies and toddlers is cast in matt resin with fine detail to their young faces and blanket designs.

An unusual ornament that will add a playful mood and subtle touch of colour to any room, the wrapped kids will bring a smile to everyone who admires them.

Dimensions: H 18cm W 20cm D 18cm

Price: £63.00

Item No RPF380-BB


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The wrapped babies ornament is part of our range of uplifting room accents that convey the strength of human bonds. If you like the look of the roly poly family, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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