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Riva Turquoise Parrot on a Perch - Medium

decorative turquoise parrot | parakeet perching decoration
This handsome turquoise parrot creates a charming decorative ornament that will beautifully dress a window sill or mantelpiece.

Cast in resin, the bright turquoise plumage of the perching parrot is crafted in fine detail for a realistic effect. The macaw sits on a wood finish perch, supported by a black metal pole on a black finial base. Long, elegant tail feathers reach down towards the base.

The pretty parakeet decoration perfectly symbolises lush tropical jungles and is so realistic that new visitors will do a doubletake.

Why not create an awesome aviary with our other parrot sculptures.

Dimensions: H 47 x W 10 x D 11cm

Price: £44.00

Item No GPM442-BB


The decorative turquoise parrot is part of our range of animal and bird sculptures, perfect for bringing nature's charm to your home. If you like the look of the parakeet perching decoration, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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