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Parents Pride Family Love Sculpture in Silver and White

silver couple with baby sculpture | parents holding child sculpture
The parents and child sculpture captures the essence of family fun in a beautiful tableau that portrays the pure joy of a cherished child.

The bright metallic figures are made in resin, with the silver family of three dressed in white in an animated scene of a happy threesome.

A mother holds her small child up high, while the father stands behind her looking over into his child's happy face.

A beautiful tribute to happy family outings and the unity of loving parents with children, this stunning silver sculpture captures the free-spirited games that children love to play with their parents.

Dimensions: (WDH) 16 x 8 x 35cm

Price: £58.00

Item No 79985-ZG


  • Available as a special order on a 3 week delivery time

  • Please contact us to arrange

The silver couple with baby sculpture is part of our range of uplifting room accents that convey the strength of human bonds. If you like the look of the parents holding child sculpture, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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