Ornaments, Figures & Statues

Our range of contemporary bronze sculptures, metal statues and resin figures offers the perfect ornament for both traditional and modern tastes. From abstract sculptures with bright metal highlights, powerful bronze torso and nude figures, to captivating statues of youthful innocence, there is something here for every interior.

Our bronze animal sculptures and bird statues bring natural grace to both classic and contemporary interiors. We offer stag sculptures, dog ornaments, horse statues and duck figures in classic poses, as well cute ceramic chicken ornaments that will add county charm to any kitchen. So whether you are looking for the grace of an animal or bird captured in natural detail, or a cute tabletop figure, we have a sculpture to suit your taste.

Artisanti's eclectic assortment of metal vases, aluminium dishes and stunning display bowls make elegant room accents. Our assortment of shiny metal vases and metal dishes, with modern silver to aged finishes, will adorn your tables in style, whether you use them for flowers, food, paraphernalia, or simply as ornaments in their own right.

Our textured metal bowls, vases and platters and are an elegant way of adding a shiny silver highlight to your surroundings, with a choice of smooth metal, decorative patterns or rough cast techniques giving texture and aged appeal. The muted shine of our metal vases, bowls and platters are the perfect contrast to wood tables and make for eye-catching presentation with their modern designs.

Our modern ceramic vases, platters and bowls have a pure natural essence with their delicate designs, and our tinted glass ornamental dishes, bowls and vases provide the perfect way of adding a touch of soft sparkle to a console, mantelpiece or side table.

Artisanti's range of modern sculptures offers something for every style of home, with inspiring ideas in abstract sculptures, human figures, metal vases and glass display bowls that will add interest and elegance to any table, sideboard or shelf around your home.

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