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Marston Floating Centre Grey Washed Wall Clock

floating centre wall clock | two piece wooden wall clock | Libra
As if the lovely pairing of grey washed wood and brass details wasn't eye-catching enough, this gorgeous clock has a unique design feature that makes it a real showstopper

the centre of the clock is separate to the outer rim, no glass, no backboard, just open wall between the hand and the numerals.

The clock centre and rim are hung independently to give a light, see-through look that creates a fabulous sense of space.

The ornate hands of the floating wall clock have an antique brass finish that perfectly complements the washed grey wooden rim.

In looks, the open face clock is a fabulous fusion of rustic and industrial design, and in design, the 2-piece wall clock makes a striking focal point in any room.

Dimensions (WDH) 70 x 4 x 70cm

Price: £86.00

Item No 702377


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The floating centre wall clock is part of our range of elegant timepieces that also serve as stylish wall decor. If you like the look of the skeleton wall clock, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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