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Lulu Linedrawn Face White Pillar Candles -10cm - Set of 3

girls face white candles | line drawn face candles | Libra
These unusual white pillar candles will add an arty glow to your evenings, with the line drawn girl's face adding a decorative accent during the day.

Drawn in black wax against the pure white, a continuous line makes out a girl's face becoming a flower.

As the candle melts, the line drawing will take on an even more abstract look - a disappearing portrait that will become a new design each time you use it.

The candle has a specially designed wick and is made from high quality wax that ensures a clean flame and impressive burn time.

The white face candles are also gentle room features when that dotted around modern interiors.

Candle Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 10cm

Price: £31.00

Item No 905683


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The girls face white candles are part of our range of tealights and candleware that adds a calm and relaxing glow to evenings. If you like the look of the line drawn face candles, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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