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Love Sculptures

Love Sculptures

Set the mood with a golden glow, whether its softly lighting a romantic dinner with our elegant silver candlesticks, dotting tinted glass tealights on the side of a shared bath, or casting shadows in a boudoir with a Moroccan lantern, we have the candle decor to make the passion ignite... or to just curl up and cuddle by.


Everlasting Emblems


Spread the spirit of love with our dreamy sculptures that convey beauty in the eye of every beholder - we have heart-themed statues, partnership sculptures and wall art that will serve as sentimental symbols of your years together... or capture the cuteness of it all with a soppy companion - perhaps a little lovebird!

Artisanti's collection of love-themed home decor is perfect for creating a romantic ambience, from candle and tealights holders to light up your special dinner table, to couple sculptures and cute animals that serve as eternal reminders.

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