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Designer Lamps

We offer a wide range of modern lamps in a variety of styles to suit every theme; from wood lamps for natural elegance, see-through glass lamps for a clean, minimal look, to our abstract shiny metal lamps that add crisp elegance to your surroundings and shine out even when not switched on. By day our natural wood lamps make appealing room features with their earthy simplicity, and in the evening the soft glow shines onto the real wood bases exuding peace and warmth.

Our floorstanding spotlight and tripod lamps will add a touch of class to the corner of a room; we offer a range of designs from a metallic studio look, to natural wood tripod lamps that combine modern design with classic tones. The spotlight, movie and searchlight replica lamps have superbly designed lamp heads that allow you to angle the light exactly where you need it.

Pendant Lights

For sumptuous ceiling lighting we offer pendant lights and modern chandeliers, from decadent crystal chandeliers to spectacular metal globe chandeliers, these commanding contemporary chandeliers add drama and an extra dimension to an entrance, stairwell or lounge.

Modern Chandeliers

Or for a crisp, modern look, take a look at our metal hanging pendant lamps with their distinctly Scandinavian designs in copper, glass and wood; these suspended ceiling lamps on chains are bright and beautiful.

table lamps

Light up a room with our modern design lamps that look as appealing when switched off as when spreading the glow


Our floorstanding tripod and angled desk lamps have illuminating designs that give the perfect ambient or focussed lighting

floor lamps

Theres nothing standard about our range of elegant tall floor lamps, we offer modern designs in metal and turned wood for classic tastes


With chandelier designs in grand crystal to Scandinavian simplicity, our range of ceiling lightings is certainly something to look up to

Artisanti's range of modern designer lamps offers something for every style of home, with inspiring ideas in table lamps, pendants lights and chandeliers, tripod and floor lamps that will elegantly light up any room in the house.

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