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Kissing Couple on Silver Love Heart Sculpture

kissing couple sculpture | couple on heart sculpture
Celebratory and fun, this charming kissing couple sculpture captures the joy of being in love.

Cast in resin with a lustrous, weathered bronze finish, the couple feature painted clothing - his, all blue, while she wears a bright white dress flared out behind her as the wind catches her skirt and hair.

Perched on a rough textured, bright silver heart, there's no mistaking the love between these two.

The young couple in love sculpture has an attractive rough cast, impressionist appeal and makes a beautiful tribute to youthful affection.

Dimensions: (WH) 17 x 35cm

Price: £98.00

Item No 59954-Z


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The kissing couple sculpture is part of our range of life form sculptures that make enchanting room accents. If you like the look of the couple on heart sculpture, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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