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Kingfisher Metal Relief on Wooden Frame

'Kingfisher Metal Relief on Wooden Frame'
This metal and wood bird wall art of a kingfisher is a fitting tribute to the flamboyant king of the British riverbank.

This colourful wooden wall hanging is mounted on distressed, white-washed wooden planks that beautifully accentuate the vivid blue and gold markings of this rare bird.

Perched on a branch with reeds flowing up from the riverbank, this metal British bird hanging shows the Kingfisher looking ready to spear a fish.

This wall hanging is a charming way to add a rustic, natural look to the home.

Dimensions (HWD) 60cm x 40cm x 5.5cm

Price: £75.00

Item No PG1823

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock, but we can let you know when it arrives if you drop us a line at

The metal kingfisher art is part of our range of colourful collage decor that makes a stunning 3D wall feature in any room. If you like the look of the riverside collage, you might also want to take a look at these other items...

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