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Ivory Wax LED Candles - 7.5 x 22cm - Set of 6

flickering false flame candles | realistic battery candles
These 6 premium LED pillar candles give a smart, clean look to candlelight and are a great investment when compared to burning away real candles year after year.

Rather than being solid plastic like inferior versions, They're coated with real ivory wax and have a gently flickering and waving flame, giving incredible realism without the trouble and mess of traditional candles.

The wax has an authentic texture and is dipped at the centre, suggesting the melted pool that a flame would have made.

These LED candles are cool to touch, won't drip wax and are fragrance free; so you can use them near fabrics and anywhere in the house that you want to spread a soft, relaxing candlelight (including the bathroom).

... and for the bedroom, the LED wax candles have a timer for 4 and 8 hour sessions in case you drop off in their peace.

(Each candle takes x 2 C-type batteries for long life, not supplied)

Size (Diameter x Height): 7.5cm x 22cm

To fully appreciate the beauty of the real wax and flickering flame, see the video at this page.

Price: £139.00

Item No 180096C6-VG

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock, but we can let you know when it arrives if you drop us a line at

These flickering false flame candles will bring the elegance of a flickering flame to anywhere in your home without the concerns of burning candles, and with a real wax coating they make smart room accents even when not lit. If you like the look of these realistic battery candles you may also be interested in these items

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