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Artisanti Inspiration Gallery

Sometimes you only know what's right when you see the full picture, and there's no better way to see the scale and real life look of an item than in a fully furnished room.

Interior Design Ideas

Here we present for you a collection of our furnishings in professionally designed settings - we hope these help in choosing the mood you're looking to create in your home.

Luxury Home Accessories

Whether the mood you want to create is one of homely charm or shabby chic, the quirky style of refined retro or the crisp shine of modern metal, Artisanti's huge range of furnishings and room accents offers everything you need to create your desired theme.

Select a room to explore and see how we can help you get the look...

contemporary furniture

Aged metal furniture create a moody, vintage feel that accentuates the fresh green burst of plants

vintage furniture

A Western look that combines raw hide with dark metals to create a home on the range that's smart but informal

modern furniture

Moody Moroccan metals provide a backdrop for a bright shine, mixing delicate texture with smooth silver

rustic furniture

Metal clad cabinets add a subtle shine, with the textured surfaces reflected in silver vases and ornaments

luxury furniture

Aged, carved wood with a rich grain gives Gothic overtones, with the mood lightened by shiny metal and mirrored glass

stylish furniture

Aged gold and mirror shelf units provide the perfect display setting for shiny ceramics and dark sculptures

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