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Hill Walkers Abstract Sculpture

people walking up hill sculpture | walkers on stone slope
Aren't you eager to know what's at the top of this hill - one can almost see the magnificent view that awaits these climbers!

With minimal detailing, this bronze finish walkers sculpture cleverly captures a sense of awe, showing the lead climber in a somewhat dumbstruck and inspired stance.

The four walkers are made from resin with a golden bronze coloured finish that beautifully plays with light to create a warm, mesmerising glow that completes the look.

This walkers ornament is a metaphor in art and can be interpreted in many different ways. It could be viewed as a great reminder of what awaits the intrepid explorer, or the power of teamwork.

This ramblers sculpture makes a lovely gift for adventurers or hiking enthusiasts and a charming accent item that pays tribute to the rewards of strength and determination.

Dimensions: H28cm W30cm D6m

Price: £53.00

Item No BHW175-BB

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock, but we can let you know when it arrives if you drop us a line at

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