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Hexa Honeycomb Mirror Wall Art

'Hexa Honeycomb Mirror Wall Art'
This honeycomb mirror is a spectacular artwork for a large wall and perfect for a modern space that needs a lift.

The outline hexagon is duplicated by hundreds of little hexagonal mirrored pieces, each is a convex mirror, creating a dazzling honeycomb display and an intriguing 3D lens effect.

Touch the glass with your hand and youll see that each piece is actually flat, with the lens effect simply a trick of the eye.

A busy geometric array that makes a glittering hexagonal mirrored art work and an impressive display.

The hexagon mirror has interlocking edges, which can be fitted with duplicate mirrors to create a breath-taking mirrored wall feature with a truly magnificent presence.

Dimensions (WDH): 132.8 x 2 x 120cm

Price: £625.00

Item No 703206


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The honeycomb glass mirror is part of our range of modern decor that makes a fabulous wall feature in any room. If you like the look of the hexagonal mirrored wall art, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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