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Hendrix Pink Swirls Wall Clock

psychedelic design wall clock | swirling colours clock | Libra Telford
The patterns made from oil on water create mesmerising swirls of colour, and this multi-coloured clock features the printed patterns of reds and corals with hints of many other contrasting colours.

A large 60cm span, the clock face is a mix of swirling psychedelic colours. Just four points of the clock are marked with modern lines in pale gold, complemented by modern, straight golden hands.

A mirrored circle frames the swirling colours and a simple, flat gold band borders the edge.

Colourful and modern, the swirling colours clock is an unusual, upscale design that adds unique style for a modern décor.

Dimensions (WDH) 60 x 5 x 60cm

Price: £95.00

Item No 703666


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The psychedelic design wall clock is part of our range of elegant timepieces that also serve as stylish wall decor. If you like the look of the swirling colours clock, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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