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ornamental world globes

Luxury World Globes

Our luxury world globes and metal armillaries fascinate as much as they decorate, our range offers modern designs in a variety of colours and finishes that put a unique spin on the classic globe ornament style. Our etched silver metal globes make stunning room accents that will add a superb bright shine, while our funky coloured globes will add a smart dash of colour.


Metal Armillaries


Continuing on the nautical theme, we also offer ornamental sand timers that make the passing of time into an artform, while a metal armillary with its moving orbits will provide a spectacular silvery display of our place in the heavens.

Wooden Traditional Games

If you fancy a challenge, our luxury wooden traditional games are a great way to weave some stylish fun into your home - we offer dice sets, dominoes and card boxes, all finished to a luxurious standard that makes you want to keep them handy on a coffee table as an ornament.

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Take the world for a spin with one of our luxury world globes in a wide range of colours and styles; these timeless ornaments make the perfect educational and creative room accent. Or for a more dramatic look, our metal armillaries give an exciting depiction of our place in the heavens, with silver metal orbits that radiate a spectacular shine in any setting.

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