modern glass & ceramic vases

Glass & Ceramic Bowls

Our elegantly designed

etched glass vases

, platters and bowls make stunning display pieces, whether or not you use them to store small items or display flowers. The metallic finish on many of our display bowls adds a sophisticated shine to your surroundings, while our clear glass vases and

ornamental jars

have an understated beauty that allows you to add your own decorative touches.

We also offer a range of

ceramic bowls

, vases and jars whose sumptuous designs, intricate patterns and smooth glaze make them ideal room accents in modern or classic interiors.
Artisanti's range of decorative ceramic bowls offers something for every style of home, with inspiring designs of smoked glass vases, designer glass vases and modern display bowls that will add interest and elegance to any table, sideboard or shelf around your home.

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