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animal caricatures

Quirky Animal Figures

Our brightly coloured animal statues combine the cute with the kitsch, with humorous takes on all manner of wildlife. We have busts of exotic animals dressed in military uniform that will make eye-catching features on a shelf or windowsill, plus depictions of animals in human form that look perfectly believable.


Metal Animal Figures


Our colourful metal ducks, swans and hedgehogs will make cute rustic garden ornaments or characterful companions around the house, why not create a metal menagerie!

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  • Birds
  • Frogs
  • Rabbits & Hares

Artisanti's range of quirky animal figures combines the cute with the kitsch, with odd takes on all manner of wildlife; from ducks and swans to lions and gorillas that will add eye-catching features to any table, sideboard or shelf around your home.

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