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Flamenco Dancer Metal Wall Art

'Flamenco Dancer Metal Wall Art'
This Flamenco metal wall art features a gypsy lady with her back to us as part of the most passionate of folk dances. With her frilly dress trailing to the floor as she spins away, your eyes are drawn to her slender back and scarlet dress standing out from the warm coloured background.

The raw drama of the flamenco has been captured in welded panels and wires and finished with vintage style paint to add to its character. This dynamic three dimensional metal relief is presented on an aged, solid metal frame with hanging points and, at 140cm tall, makes for bold and emotive wall decor.

The handcrafted Flamenco Dancer picture is part of our range of stunning metal wall art, each individually crafted with sheet metal pieces painted to create a breathtaking metal wall hanging. Individual pieces of metal are distressed and welded to a solid frame then hand painted and embellished, making every piece a unique work of metal art that's ready to hang.

The touchable forms and heavy reliefs of this Spanish gypsy metal artwork provide an exciting raised effect, with the applied metal features creating fascinating wall decor when viewed from an angle and forming a beautiful metal collage when viewed straight on. This dancing lady picture is a real eye-catcher and will convey a passionate sense of taste.
Please note that as each Flamenco Dancer is handmade there may be minor design differences from the picture shown.

Dimensions (WDH) = 140 x 70 x 8cm
Weight 7.9kg

Price: £199.00

Item No PG1813

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Whether you're choosing wall art for a living space, hotel or office premises, this flamenco raised metal picture is perfect to convey a passionate contemporary taste.

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