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Fireside Tools

Fireside Accessories

Our traditional fireside tools will add an ornate touch to your hearth, with sets comprising brushes, tongs, ash pans and pokers, the high quality tools hang on attractive stands to decorate your fireplace when not in use.

Choose from iron tools with a blacksmith look to shiny brass companions that add a warm glow to a dark hearth, with different styles of handles that make them handsome and practical additions to your fireside or log burner.


Coal Buckets and Log Stores


Whichever your preferred fuel, we offer smart and practical storage buckets, coal hods and log racks that will keep your fireplace tidy while adding a decorative touch. Our coal scuttles are offered in shiny brass to brighten a hearth and jet black that are easy to keep clean, all with strong handles and shaped to make tipping and loading coal easy.

For homes with log burners, we offer classic and modern log stores and carriers that will keep your wood seasoned, close to hand and neatly stacked on your fireside, making the wood a feature of a cosy scene.

Fire Screens

Take a look at our range of ornate fire screens that will provide a decorative, safe and practical features in your fireplace, even in the summer months when the fire isnt being used. We offer fire screens in baroque styles to add a touch of grandeur to your fireplace, as well as antique style fireguards and modern creations that make decorative focal points all year round.

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