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etched metal wall panels

Etched Metal Wall Art

We're proud to introduce this collection of decorative metal wall panels created using the unique scribing and polishing techniques of the James Park Studio. This stunning new art form can be seen in design venues and galleries throughout the UK and this handcrafted signature collection is now available exclusively at Artisanti.

Hologram Metal Wall Decor

This contemporary multi-panel metal wall art has cool, sharp lines and provides holographic effects which are perfect for the contemporary interior or the ideal finishing touch to the modern working environment.

Laser Metal Wall Panels

The etched metal panels are presented in a neutral silver reflective metal and are specifically designed to capture and enhance all the ambient colours within your room. The use of spot and coloured lighting will create a vibrant and dynamic mood by highlighting the flowing lines contained within the wall sculpture.

Artisanti's range of etched metal wall art is perfect for the modern home, with sheet metal wall decor, laser etched metal wall hangings and hologram metal art that will add depth to walls and a sharp, clean look to any room in the house.
In natural light or with coloured spotlights, the holographic effects of the 'Moves' collection add a new dimension to interior design.

Spots, downlights, uplighters or accenters have always been a great way to set the colour mood in your home. In the gallery below, the colour of the panels are created by light alone; there are no painted colours on the silver panel surface. The colours are also dynamic, continually changing direction as they move across and into the panel creating a vibrant reflective lightshow which alters depending on the viewer's perspective.
spirals metal wall art hologram wall panels
Reflected light is cleverly manipulated by the etched metal panels using advanced polishing techniques, and each work is designed to capture and reflect light in a way that adds a new dimension to metal wall décor, namely dynamic depth.
 polished spiral wall hanging etched aluminium wall panels
Each of these images is created using coloured light alone, there is no treatment of the surface. In daylight the etched metal panels have a cool elegance and by adding lighting, they become moody masterpieces that accentuate the ambience of the room.
  3D metal wall plaques 3D metal wall art
The 3D "hologram" illusion can be enhanced by the use of colour changing LED spotlights. The effect is unsurpassed - multi-directional coloured lights can be seen to weave and change colour within the panel as the viewer moves position.

To fully appreciate the effect of natural light and coloured spotlights on these unique metal wall plaques, please take a look at these amazing videos.

A walkpast of the etched wall panels in natural light:

How coloured light creates a stunning hologram effect:

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