Clocks, Globes and Executive Gifts

We offer a wide range of shiny metal clocks to add a bright feature to your desk, mantelpiece or side table; from classic carriage clocks with traditional designs to abstract and modern table clocks in metal, wood and leather.

You'll also find unusual table clocks in novelty and traditional designs, plus metal skeleton clocks that show their working mechanisms - watching time pass by has never been so fascinating. And talking of passing time, our collection of unusual world globes, executive gifts and desk games add style and amusement to your study, and are the ideal gift for the business person who has everything.

To complete the look of the smart study, our modern world globes decorate as much as they fascinate and are available in choice of unusual colours and styles, putting a modern spin on the traditional globe ornament.

For adventure enthusiasts, our shiny silver metal plane ornaments will add free spirited style to your home or office with their shiny elegance… and with all that world travel, why not make time to relax at home with one of our luxury traditional wooden games, we offer a wide variety of executive games with elegant looks that will mean you’ll want to keep them on display, games night or not.

Artisanti's range of clocks and executive gifts make handsome ornaments for a smart study or desk. Our mantel clocks, wall clocks, mens gifts, globes and luxury games sets provide the perfect practical decoration for busy minds and make unusual prestige gifts.

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