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Child Climbing Block Bronze Sculpture

bronze child climbing sculpture | child hanging from block ornament
This bronze child climbing sculpture is a simple and beautiful modern accent piece, which perfectly captures the essence of an adventurous spirit.

Cast in real bronze, a smooth, rectangular block stands vertically, with the figure of a small child hanging from its top edge, fingers clinging to the top.

The humorous child hanging from a block is a contemporary ornament, which suggests a curious character with a passion for climbing and a lack of fear.

Dimensions: 6.9cm Wide, 13.2cm Tall, 4cm Deep

Price: £59.00

Item No CC506-BB


The bronze child climbing sculpture is part of our range of athletic sculptures that make powerful room accents. If you like the look of the child hanging from block ornament, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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