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Chaucer Brass Coal Buckets - Set of 3

set of brass coal scuttles | round brass coal buckets
These round brass coal scuttles provide handy storage and organisation of all your fireplace fuels and paraphernalia.

Made from high quality brass for a traditional look, the coal buckets have hinged, curved handles and side bars that makes them easy to tip coal from the slipper-shaped mouths.

The rounded pot shape and shiny brass finish give them a classic look that will add warmth to your fireplace or inglenook, even when the fire's not lit.

The brass coal buckets are also available individually, should you wish to add sizes.

Diameter (L/M/S): 33cm, 30cm, 25cm

Price: £239.00

Item No MC15-M


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The set of brass coal scuttles are part of our range of practical and decorative fireplace storage accessories to adorn your hearth. If you like the look of the round brass coal buckets, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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