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Apple Silver and White Ceramic Tealight Holders - Set of 6

silver apple tealight holder | black and white ceramic holder
These six sumptuous black and white apple tealight holders are an effective decorative accent and guaranteed to be the apple of your eye.

The gloss glaze of the ceramic is so shiny that even without a flame there's a liquid quality that reflects ambient light in the surface of the tealight holders.

There are 3 of each design in the pack; black inside and silver outside and mirror opposites of silver inside and black outside.

Packing a visual punch way above their weight, this pair of luxurious black and white tealights are stunning with a flame flickering in the high shine, liquid-like surface. Perfect for monochrome or greyscale interior colour schemes.

Dimensions: (WDH) 9.5 x 8 x 8.5cm

Price: £64.00

Item No 15858-Z

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The silver apple tealight holders are part of our range of candleware that adds a calm and relaxing mood to evenings. If you like the look of the black and white ceramic holders, you might also want to take a look at these other items too...

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