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Our spotlight and floorstanding tripod lamps will add a touch of class to your study or office. We offer a wide choice of stunning angled metal spotlight desk lamps with real poise, and searchlight replica lamps that allow you to angle the light exactly where you need it, either for work or to highlight a room feature.

Our wooden tripod desk and floor lamps have telescopic legs allowing you to tailor-make your lighting effect, each complemented with a tartan check shade to emit as much style and elegance as they do light.

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Callisto Shiny Metal Angle Desk Lamp
Callisto Shiny Metal Angle Desk Lamp  £89.00
Chrome Desk Angle Lamp
Chrome Desk Angle Lamp  £98.00
Antique Bronze Finish Hinged Lamp
Antique Bronze Finish Hinged Lamp  £379.00
Manhattan Tripod Brass Lamp
Manhattan Tripod Brass Lamp  £629.00
Ledbury Brown Wooden Tripod Standard Lamp
Ledbury Brown Wooden Tripod Lamp  £229.00
Rowley Natural Wood and Nickel Tripod Standard Lamp
Rowley Natural Wood Tripod Standard Lamp  £254.00
Chapelle Black Wooden Tripod Standard Lamp
Chapelle Wooden Tripod Lamp  £229.00
Dylan Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp
Dylan Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp  £204.00
Dylan Wooden Tripod Table Lamp
Dylan Wooden Tripod Table Lamp  £89.00
Mojo Two Tone Antique Brass Desk Spotlamp
Mojo Two Tone Desk Spotlamp  £179.00
Mojo Two Tone Triple Spotlight On Stand
Mojo Two Tone Triple Spotlight On Stand  £877.00
Oscar Triple Spotlight Floor Lamp
Oscar Triple Spotlight Floor Lamp  £927.00
Cool Graphite Black Standard Lamp with Five Spots
Cool Graphite Black Standard Lamp  £129.00
Lewes Metal Shutter Tripod Lamp
Lewes Metal Shutter Tripod Lamp  £677.00
Bardem Movie Studio Metal Tripod Spotlight Lamp
Bardem Movie Studio Metal Tripod Lamp  £354.00
Flanagan Metal Tripod Spot Lamp
Flanagan Metal Tripod Spot Lamp  £1,377.00
Manhattan Tripod Lamp - Small
Manhattan Tripod Lamp - Small  £567.00
Satin Grey Metal Spotlight Lamp
Satin Grey Metal Spotlight Lamp  £154.00
Artisanti offers a wide choice of tripod lamps and spotlight lamps, including tripod lamps, elegant 3 leg floor lamps and stylish floorstanding spotlight lamps, all made to the highest quality and delivered within 7 days of your order. Please contact us if you require further information on any item.


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