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Pitts Wooden Biplane Ornament - Small

This Pitts Biplane evokes tales of pioneering aviation adventures with its chunky caricature of a classic biplane from bygone days. The varnished natural grain wood on the fuselage and wings contrasts superbly with the shiny silver metal struts, wheels and propellors.

Definitely not a toy, or maybe only for big boys, the wooden biplane ornament is straight out of a Biggles novel and is a must for any aviation enthusiast.

This handsome wooden plane is a tribute to those magnificent men in their flying machines. either on its own or with the larger wooden biplane also available,

WDH=25 x 27 x 15cm

Price: £47.00


vintage furniture

The wooden biplane ornament is part of Artisanti's range of elegant home accessories, which features not only the wood and metal biplane replica you see here, but also many other items equally appealling as the natural wood old fashioned plane shown.

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