Rug Republic rugs

Luxury Rugs

Artisanti is proud to offer

The Rug Republic

collection, a range of

designer floor rugs

, hand made from the finest quality natural fibres to create stunning floor fashion. Hand-tufted,


and hand-knotted, the high quality workmanship on these rugs means they will stand the test of time and not only create fabulous room accents today, but also become legacy items.

The Rug Republic collection encompasses premium wool and jute rugs that are seen in the finest homes and hotels worldwide, woven by craft workshops in India that proudly practice social responsibility and eco-friendliness.

Easy on the eye and gorgeous under foot, these thick pile designer rugs come in a range of modern and classic styles to suit your decor - and they just beg you to kick off your shoes and enjoy their full luxurious experience.
Artisanti is proud to be a leading distributor of Rug Republic rugs, a range of hand made designer floor rugs where high quality workmanship, superb design and the finest materials combine to offer fabulous floor fashion.

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