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Our funky mirrors not only provide another dimension to a room, but their unusual designs make them wall art in their own right. These modern mirrors will add reflective elegance and sophisticated appeal to any living space.

Our designer mirrors are regularly featured on TV and in the press, and are offered with a range of styles that includes mosaic sparkle mirrors, rustic chic wood mirrors and industrial style vintage metal mirrors, all with superb funky designs to spread light in a most interesting way. Our contemporary mirror designs create space and make breathtaking room features.

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Arch Church Mirror with Cream Finish - Medium
Arch Cream Church Mirror - Medium  £111.00
Arch Cross Pane Vintage Black Mirror
Arch Cross Pane Vintage Black Mirror  £129.00
Pevensey Round Window Mirror
Pevensey Round Window Mirror  £229.00
Pevensey Shuttered Louvre Door Mirror
Pevensey Shuttered Louvre Door Mirror  £154.00
Fishy  Wooden Mirror -  Large
Fishy Wooden Mirror - Large  £52.00
Fishy Wooden Mirror  - Small
Fishy Wooden Mirror - Small  £37.00
Lowes Baker Rectangular Wooden Mirror Wall Art
Lowes Baker Rectangular Wooden Mirror  £502.00
Lowes Baker Round Wooden Mirror Wall Art
Lowes Baker Round Wooden Mirror  £627.00
Club Black and Gold Convex Mirror - Large
Club Black and Gold Mirror - Large  £129.00
Club Black and Gold Circular Convex Mirror - Extra Large
Club Black & Gold Circular Convex Mirror - XL  £179.00
Club Black and Gold Convex Mirror - Small
Club Black and Gold Mirror - Small  £79.00
Jet Engine Aged Metal Mirror
Jet Engine Aged Metal Mirror  £154.00
Nautical Aluminium Portlight Mirror
Nautical Aluminium Portlight Mirror  £129.00
Malone Cheval Mirror with Drawer
Malone Cheval Mirror with Drawer  £602.00
New Worlds Portlight Mirror - Large
New Worlds Portlight Mirror - Large  £179.00
New Worlds Portlight Mirror - Small
New Worlds Portlight Mirror - Small  £129.00
Seaweed Mirror
Seaweed Mirror  £93.00
Claridge Deco Mirrored Wall Art
Claridge Deco Mirrored Wall Art  £254.00
Dmitri Mirrored Glass Wall Art
Dmitri Mirrored Glass Wall Art  £104.00
Shining Star Round Wall Mirror
Shining Star Round Wall Mirror  £113.00
Sunshine Mirror in Dark Grey Metal
Sunshine Mirror in Dark Grey Metal  £142.00
Urchin Black Hand Carved Mirror
Urchin Black Hand Carved Mirror  £595.00
Florence Birch Wood Oval Mirror
Florence Birch Wood Oval Mirror  £104.00
Geraldine Metal Mesh Mirror
Geraldine Metal Mesh Round Mirror  £104.00
Marseille Antiqued Metal Porthole Mirror
Marseille Antiqued Metal Porthole Mirror  £129.00
Pavillion Filigree Metal Oval Mirror
Pavillion Filigree Metal Oval Mirror  £129.00
Filigree Flower Mirror with Bevelled Edges
Filigree Flower Bevelled Mirror  £204.00
Kensington White Gloss Rectangular Mirror
Kensington White Gloss Rectangular Mirror  £352.00
Abstract Metal Squares Mirror
Abstract Metal Squares Mirror  £79.00
Bardem Square Sheet Metal Frame Mirror
Bardem Sheet Metal Mirror  £204.00
Marie Slim Bevelled Mirror
Marie Slim Bevelled Mirror  £161.00
Matilda Taupe Rectangular Mirror
Matilda Taupe Rectangular Mirror  £254.00
Matilda Taupe Square Mirror
Matilda Taupe Square Mirror  £229.00
Mephisto Stainless Steel and Black Wall Mirror
Mephisto Stainless Steel Wall Mirror  £377.00
Taryn Long Panel Bevelled Wall Mirror
Taryn Long Panel Wall Mirror  £254.00
Veneto Mirrored Frame Tall Wall Mirror
Veneto Mirrored Frame Tall Wall Mirror  £477.00
Metz Grey Speckled Mirror with Angled Mirrored Frame - Rectangular
Metz Grey Speckled Mirror - Rectangular  £254.00
Metz Grey Speckled Mirror with Angled Mirrored Frame - Square
Metz Grey Speckled Mirror - Square  £161.00
Strasbourg Black and Gold Speckled Mirror with Angled Mirrored Frame - Large
Strasbourg Black and Gold Mirror - Large  £254.00
Strasbourg Black and Gold Speckled Mirror with Angled Mirrored Frame - Small
Strasbourg Black and Gold Mirror - Small  £129.00
Artisanti offers a wide choice of contemporary mirrors, including funky mirrors, elegant modern mirrors and stylish designer mirrors, all made to the highest quality and delivered within 7 days of your order. Please contact us if you require further information on any item.


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