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animal & bird ornaments

Animal Ornaments

Our bronze animal sculptures and bird statues bring grace to both classic and contemporary interiors. We offer all manner of

stag sculptures


dog ornaments

, horse statues and duck figures in classic poses, as well as abstract animal and bird ornaments.

For more exotic tastes, we offer cute

metal elephant statues

and elegant giraffe ornaments, so whether you are looking to grace your home with animals and birds from near or far, we have a sculpture to suit your taste.
Dog Laying Bronze Finish Sculpture
Dog Laying Bronze Finish Sculpture  £31.00
Dog Wagging Tail Bronze Finish Sculpture
Dog Wagging Tail Bronze Finish Sculpture  £32.00
Lurcher Sitting Sculpture Bronzed Finish
Lurcher Sitting Sculpture  £36.00
Standing Lurcher Statue with Antique Black Finish
Standing Lurcher Statue  £36.00
Cast Iron Scottie Dog
Cast Iron Scottie Dog  £27.00
Rustic Black Pug Dog Ornament
Rustic Black Pug Dog Ornament  £26.00
Trio Of Stacking Dogs Silver Sculpture
Trio Of Stacking Dogs Silver Sculpture  £47.00
Whippet Sculpture in Antiqued Silver Finish
Whippet Sculpture in Antiqued Silver  £89.00
Hector Ceramic Silver Horse Head
Hector Ceramic Silver Horse Head  £142.00
Bronze Horse Sculpture
Bronze Horse Sculpture  £47.00
Silver Horse Sculpture
Silver Horse Sculpture  £54.00
Rearing Steed Horse Sculpture
Rearing Steed Horse Sculpture  £54.00
Equine Trio Horse Head Sculpture
Equine Trio Horse Head Sculpture  £89.00
Tivoli Horse Sculpture
Tivoli Horse Sculpture  £67.00
Large Stag Statue
Large Stag Statue  £317.00
Stag Deer Laying Sculpture
Stag Deer Laying Sculpture  £36.00
Stag Deer Standing Sculpture
Stag Deer Standing Sculpture  £47.00
Stag Head in Metal - Small
Stag Head in Metal - Small  £42.00
Deer Pair in Raw Silver Finish
Deer Pair in Raw Silver Finish  £25.00
Elephant Antique Bronze Finish
Elephant Antique Bronze Finish  £36.00
Stacked Decorated Elephants
Stacked Decorated Elephants  £29.00
Ornate Elephant Ornament - Extra Large
Ornate Elephant Ornament - Extra Large  £452.00
Decorated Silver Elephant Mother and Son
Silver Elephant Mother and Son  £36.00
Decorated Elephant Figure
Decorated Elephant Figure  £129.00
Rosie the Rusty Pig
Rosie the Rusty Pig  £29.00
Black and Silver Giraffe Sculpture - Head Up
Black and Silver Giraffe - Head Up  £34.00
Black and Silver Giraffe Sculpture - Looking Back
Black and Silver Giraffe - Looking Back  £34.00
Silver Giraffe Statue - Large
Silver Giraffe Statue - Large  £46.00
Silver Giraffe Statue - Small
Silver Giraffe Statue - Small  £42.00
Wandering Giraffe Silver Sculpture
Wandering Giraffe Silver Sculpture  £67.00
Moongazing Cast Iron Rabbit - Medium
Moongazing Rabbit - Medium  £24.00
Moongazing Cast Iron Rabbit Pair - Special Offer
Moongazing Cast Iron Rabbit Pair - Special Offer  £40.00
Boxing Hare Paws Down by Michael Talbot
Boxing Hare Sculpture - Paws Down  £53.00
Boxing Hare Paws Up by Michael Talbot
Boxing Hare Sculpture - Paws Up  £58.00
Standing Hare Bronze Finish
Standing Hare Bronze Finish  £42.00
Resting Hare Bronze Finish
Resting Hare Bronze Finish  £42.00
Whitewashed Leaping Rabbit on Stand
Whitewashed Leaping Rabbit on Stand  £36.00
Hedgehog Sculpture
Hedgehog Sculpture  £20.00
Curled Hedgehog Sculpture in Antique Silver Finish
Curled Hedgehog Sculpture  £20.00
Rustic Curled Hedgehog Sculpture
Rustic Curled Hedgehog Sculpture  £20.00
Rustic Sitting Hedgehog Sculpture
Rustic Sitting Hedgehog Sculpture  £20.00
Silver Lizard Ornament - Large
Silver Lizard Ornament - Large  £44.00
Owl Looking Left Silver Finish Sculpture
Owl Looking Left  £20.00
Owl Looking Right Silver Finish Sculpture
Owl Looking Right  £20.00
Wise Owl Standing On Books Sculpture
Wise Owl Sculpture  £25.00
Rustic Birds - Set of 4
Rustic Birds - Set of 4  £27.00
Set Of 4 Sparrows in Silver finish
Set Of 4 Sparrows in Silver finish  £27.00
Whitewash Set Of 2 Pheasants
Whitewash Set Of 2 Pheasants  £47.00
Whitewashed Birds - Set of 4
Whitewashed Birds - Set of 4  £27.00
Bird Of Paradise Sculpture - Large
Bird Of Paradise Sculpture - Large  £27.00
Bird Of Paradise Sculpture - Small
Bird Of Paradise Sculpture - Small  £20.00
Lolanthe Antique Cream Sitting Bird Ornament - Medium
Lolanthe Antique Cream Bird Ornament - Medium  £11.00
Lolanthe Antiqued Cream Ceramic Bird
Lolanthe Antiqued Cream Ceramic Bird  £9.00
Silver Adonis Duck
Silver Adonis Duck  £37.00
Silver Birds and Circle Sculpture
Silver Birds and Circle Sculpture  £36.00
Silver Delph Duck Ornament
Silver Delph Duck Ornament  £37.00
Silver Pheasant Sculpture
Silver Pheasant Sculpture  £47.00
Silver Pheasant Sculpture - Medium
Silver Pheasant Sculpture - Medium  £21.00
Preening Bird Sculpture in Antiqued Silver Finish
Preening Bird Sculpture  £17.00
Songbird Sculpture in Antiqued Silver Finish
Songbird Sculpture  £17.00
Rodriguez Crackled Ceramic Rooster
Rodriguez Crackled Ceramic Rooster  £72.00
Ronaldo Crackled Ceramic Rooster
Ronaldo Crackled Ceramic Rooster  £26.00
Sergio Black and White Ceramic Rooster
Sergio Black and White Ceramic Rooster  £36.00
Marion Hen in Glazed Ceramic
Marion Hen in Glazed Ceramic  £36.00
Edwin Rooster in Glazed Ceramic
Edwin Rooster in Glazed Ceramic  £36.00
Deirdre Doily Ceramic Chicken
Deirdre Doily Ceramic Chicken  £62.00
Artemis Ceramic Cockerel
Artemis Ceramic Cockerel  £54.00
Apollo Ceramic Cockerel
Apollo Ceramic Cockerel  £79.00
Silvio Black and White Ceramic Rooster
Silvio Black and White Ceramic Rooster  £27.00
Whitewash Henry Hen Ornament
Whitewash Henry Hen Ornament  £52.00
Whitewash Rodney Rooster Ornament
Whitewash Rodney Rooster Ornament  £58.00
Whitewash Rooster And Hen Set
Whitewash Rooster And Hen Set  £47.00
Nautlius Faux Sea Shell on Stand
Nautlius Faux Sea Shell on Stand  £42.00
Neptune Faux Sea Shell on Stand
Neptune Faux Sea Shell on Stand  £42.00
White Coral Bloom on Stand
White Coral Bloom on Stand  £58.00

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Artisanti's range of bronze stag sculptures offers something for every style of home, with inspiring ideas in duck ornaments, dog statues and ceramic chicken ornaments that will add charm and elegance to any table, sideboard or shelf around your home.
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